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How to choose the best tutor?

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There is no doubt that tutoring helps facilitate educational life. But sometimes we need not just a tutor, but the one who can help to cope with a specific task. How to choose the perfect tutor for your purpose? Let’s see.

Search according to conditions

Sudden difficulty with homework? A short consultation or a full lesson are required? Looking for a tutor right now?

Scroll through the list of tutors and pay attention not only to the subject, but also to the particular specialization. For example, you need a tutor of the French language for a child who is in Grade 2. Obviously, in this case you are not interested in the French language tutors who specialize in preparing for exams. Information about the specialization of the teacher is always visible in his worksheet.

Search based on the experience and competence

See the teacher’s experience in his profile. You can be sure in the professionalism and skills of our tutors, we choose only the best candidates. But if you are looking for a teacher who had experience in teaching at school or prepared students for the particular exam before, you can easily find this information in the questionnaire of each our tutor.


Do you have a very specific question? Write to several teachers and ask if they can help you. So you can choose the tutor, who will give you the best answer. Or simply email us at Customer Support and we will select the best competent candidates for you.

September 11, 2008

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