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Get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Learn everything you could ever want to know about iOS 10, Apple’s newest mobile operating system.

Upgrading to iOS 10? Buying your first iPhone or iPad? Get the most out of iOS 10, Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Garrick Chow demos everything you need to know about iOS 10, from essential tasks to the latest updates to Siri and Maps.

New iPhone and iPad owners should start with the basics. Garrick shows how to use the touch screen and keyboard and start communicating with Siri, Apple’s new and improved digital assistant. Then learn about making and receiving calls, emailing, browsing the web with Safari, getting directions from Maps, taking notes, shooting photos, watching videos, and listening to music. Plus, discover how to extend the functionality of your iPhone or iPad by installing one of the 2 million+ apps available in the App Store. The course wraps up with some essential tips to help you customize your device, protect your privacy, and troubleshoot your iPhone or iPad if you encounter a problem. Long-time iOS users can jump straight to videos on the iOS 10 updates to Music, Messages, and Photos; predictive text; and the new “raise to wake” feature for alarms.

Topics include:

  • Enabling 3D Touch
  • Using multitasking views
  • Installing third-party apps
  • Typing on an iPhone or iPad
  • Syncing music, photos, contacts, and more with your computer
  • Calling and texting
  • Making video calls with FaceTime
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Surfing the web
  • Playing music
  • Shooting photos and video
  • Getting directions from Maps
  • Adding events to your calendar
  • Taking notes
  • Using the built-in Wallet, Apple Pay, News, and Health apps
  • Setting important privacy and usage options
  • Controlling your device with Siri
  • Troubleshooting your iOS 10 device

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