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Child interest in studies

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This question has always been one of the most important for parents whose children went to school and quickly lost interest in studies. Such a situation has already become perhaps the classic.

Let’s see how ordinary lessons usually take place? Children have to sit at the desks, be quiet, do not talk, listen to the teacher attentively. It is not very hard, if there is only one short lesson a day, but every pupil has several lessons per day!

Naturally, the moment of “effective listening” is lost at the first lesson and the child just gets tired and waits for the end of the classes. In consequence, we have reduced progress, which we try to compensate with private tutors.

What should we do? – Add into the child’s classes a new approach!

Of course, you can’t do it at school. As about home tutoring, here you can change anything you want. But firstly let’s analyze: Is it convenient for your child to study after school at the tutor’s home or public places? Is it convenient for you to invite a new person to your home?  How your child feels after the classes with school tutor: Inspired or tired and irritated? Give the answers to all of these questions to yourself.

We conducted a small survey among mothers of our pupils and found out that before our service, children often were very tired and “overloaded” after tutoring.

After the decision to try the online training method 90% of parents were very surprised with the reaction of their children. Many children with delight told their parents the details of how things work, how they talked with the teacher and how to draw on the interactive blackboard geometry figures, formulas, etc.

After 5-7 lessons all parents noted improvement in scores at school. And it is an excellent measure of success for us! After all, our main goal – to give the child the knowledge that they can then easily put into practice!

We advise you not to overload your child with information, this is important to know that the best time for tutoring is 45 minutes. During this period, the child will listen especially effective. It is better to take 2 lessons of 45 minutes on different days than 1.5 hours immediately after lessons in school.

Just try to take a trial lesson with one of our tutors and see for yourself how effective online tutoring is!

September 17, 2008

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